Store: Releasing Anger and Resentment

Part 3 of the “How to Find the True Self Within: Secrets to Relieving Stress and Anxiety” Set

Learn how to release old anger and resentment so that you are free to discover your true self and move forward in your life.


As you go within during hypnosis, you will access the subconscious mind and it will guided to remove blocks to healing; releasing you from long held feelings of anger and resentment.

You will be able to release any people and situations from the past, which have been unhelpful and unhealthy to you through forgiving them. There will be an understanding that forgiveness has much more to do with you than with those you are forgiving.

You will step into your power and truth as you decide which persons, situations, and experiences will continue to have a hold on you and those which will no longer be allowed to have a hold over you. As this occurs, you will become aware of the power and freedom that comes about through the releasing long held anger, resentment and negativity.

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