Store: How to Find the True Self Within: Secrets to Relieving Stress and Anxiety

Six Recordings Guiding you Towards Inner Healing

Each recording in this series will take the you on a journey to discover your true inner being. Step by step you will release those things that no longer serve you and keep you from being at peace. Discovering who you really are is a journey that every individual should take as the path leads you to healing, new awareness and self discoveries.

Note: This is an ideal companion to Mary’s book of the same title: “How to Find the True Self Within: Secrets to Relieving Stress and Anxiety”.

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 Each recording in this set may be purchased separately. 

mswp_RecognizingTruthWithin21: Recognizing the Truth Within
Discover your true inner being and continue on the path to Self Realization.
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mswp_CreateHealingSpace2: Creating Your Healing Space
Discover your inner sanctuary as you create a permanent place of healing in the mind, body and spirit.
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mswp_ReleasingAngerResentment3: Releasing Anger and Resentment
Learn how to release old anger and resentment so that you are free to discover your true self and move forward in your life.
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mswp_NurturingInnerChild4: Nurturing Your Inner Child
Follow a healing journey to heal and empower your child self and notice how this shift moves you to a higher and powerful level of awareness, healing, and progression.
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mswp_SelfLoveAcceptance5: Experiencing Self Love and Self Acceptance
This process strengthens your commitment to honor and love self unconditionally; it releases whatever could be preventing you from completely loving self as you feel an inner transformation taking place.
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mswp_LivingWithInnerPeace6: Living With Inner Peace
Become one with your True Self as you release and recreate your life and fill your daily life with peace.
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