Monday’s Musings

As Anais Nin once stated: “There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”   I think of this quote quite often as I witness my lovely clients during their transition through their healing journey.  Many times, they describe this transitional period as having ‘one foot in each world.”   That is, it is too painful to return to the old, outdated ways of thinking/doing , yet the ‘new’ healthy way is not familiar and may appear risky.   Yet this new , positive way of being becomes more comfortable as  the hypnotic process  is  very gentle and subtle.  It works by changing attitudes, beliefs, habits and perceptions.  Thus, very gently  one begins to step into the new way of being , one gentle step at a time.  Allowing the subconscious mind to open just as a blossom opens the rays of the sun.  Removing those painful blocks to growth and beginning to build upon beautiful resources and strengths that had always lay within.   Retaining all this new found wisdom and healing , bringing it forth into all aspects of their daily lives in ways that are very safe ,appropriate and comfortable.  They discover that the ‘blossoming’ into why they really are is definitely worth any perceived risks.  It is a journey each deserves to take as the path leads to the opening of one’s Path , Purpose and Passion.

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