Anxiety and Stress Reduction Online Course

Welcome to this online course: “Anxiety and Stress Reduction.”
Anxiety and Stress Reduction Online CourseThis course includes more than 6 hours of instruction, 22 handouts, as well as learning and experiencing guided relaxation, self- hypnosis, meditative/hypnotic processes, various techniques and tools for stress and anxiety reduction, education on using hypnosis and learning about the mind/body/spirit connection.

Here are tools, techniques, hypnotic processes, knowledge and learnings to overcome anxious and stressful, thoughts, feelings and behavior.  This information will help you transform problems and improve your life in positive ways. During this course, you will move in and out of a meditative/hypnotic state.

I have specialized in hypnotherapy since 2000 and have had the privilege to help others overcome long standing issues and achieve important healing goals.  The tools, techniques, guided hypnotic processes and learnings provided in this course will help you to reduce anxiety and stress in your life.  Helping you to regain a sense of control and the ability to transform yourself and your life.   The methods you will learn here are powerful, effective ways to achieve self-healing.

Mary Sidhwani RN/PsyD/Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Course Outline

Chapter 1:  Core Principles and Benefits of Hypnosis:

  • Dispelling myths, misconceptions and fears about hypnosis.
  • Why hypnosis is effective.
  • “We heal on all three levels of the mind.”( pdf)
  • Case study exemplifying the power of the mind
  • Guided healing hypnosis process

Chapter 2:  Self Hypnosis to Heal Stressful and Anxious Response Patterns.

  • Learn self hypnosis
  • Pdfs: “Sample suggestions”, “Guide to writing your own effective suggestions,” “Guide to self hypnosis “, “Tips on how to do self hypnosis effectively”.
  • Techniques for stress reduction: Pdfs: “Cook’s Hook Ups”, “Emotional Stress Release,” “Mind Calming”.
  • Guided healing hypnosis process

Chapter 3:  How to Overcome Negative/Critical Thinking.

  • The inner critic
  • Changing the negative messages: Pdfs: “thank you good bye”, “strong and calm,” “Peace/finger to thumb.”
  • Creating positive programming: Pdf “Sample suggestions to overcome negative thinking and improve self-esteem.”
  • Visualization (pdf) “Mind Calming” Pdf: “Tips on using visualizations.”
  • Guided healing hypnosis process

Chapter 4: Healing the Inner Child.

  • Exploring more deeply how the inner critic originates.
  • Visualization to meet your inner child: (pdf) “Meeting your Inner child.”
  • List of books mentioned and website for ASCH: American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (pdf)
  • Additional ways to help heal the inner child.
  • Affirmations to heal the inner child (pdf)
  • Learning Mirror Work.
  • Tips for using affirmations (pdf)
  • Guided healing hypnosis process.

Chapter 5:  Anger and Resentment

  • How remaining stuck/holding on to anger and resentment is linked to stress and anxiety
  • Let it go tapping protocol (pdf)
  • Self hypnosis with affirmations to overcome anger and resentment (pdf)
  • Grounding Cord technique (pdf)
  • Image Rehearsal (pdf)
  • Deep Breathing technique (pdf)
  • Exercise to identify the places you are stuck in anger and resentment (pdf)
  • Journaling exercise (pdf)
  • Guided healing hypnosis process.

Chapter 6:   Meeting Your True Self

  • Learn how discovering the true self, also known as higher self, helps us to find the peace we have been seeking.
  • Visualization to meet higher self (pdf)
  • Affirmations to use in self hypnosis to connect to true self (pdf)
  • “Touch and Return Process” (pdf)
  • Summary of course
  • Guided healing hypnosis process.

Because the audio recordings include lecture as well meditative/hypnotic processes, please do not plan to listen to any of these recordings while driving or operating machinery. Please listen when you are safe and can give the processes your full attention. Please feel free to contact me with any questions at:

ORDER NOW only $79.00  $29.95

Thank you

*Disclaimer: This course is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered. The ideas, procedures, and suggestions contained in this course are not intended as a substitute for consulting with a professional.  All matters regarding your health require medical supervision.  The instructor shall not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage allegedly arising from any information or suggestion in this book.  Further, the instructor does not have any control over and does not assume responsibility for author or third-party websites or their content.

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